• Gusti Andryean Budiman

    Gusti Andryean Budiman

  • Henry


    Co-Founder & Lead Software Engineer at Content Fly. Startup tech lead with interests in Web3, Blockchain, DApp, Deep Learning, Mobile App and Quant Finance

  • Sebastian Blum

    Sebastian Blum

    Partner at Greenfield One investing in decentralized technologies, San Francisco/Berlin

  • Kyle Bryant

    Kyle Bryant

    Blockchain Engineer for Boomerang! Co-creator of EthBuenosAires’ CryptoAgainstHumanity.io and ETHBerlin’s AllAboard.xyz. github.com/Kyrrui

  • Dr. Kaboum

    Dr. Kaboum

    Physician/patient advocate to the core and Having to be pseudonymous to make a change in the current medical field should explain it all.

  • Shinga Suma

    Shinga Suma

  • Jakub Fulnek

    Jakub Fulnek

  • Phil Majernik

    Phil Majernik

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